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End-to-end platform for feature engineering and feature serving

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Benefits of Kaskada

Collaborative Feature Studio

Empower data scientists to own the entire feature engineering lifecycle.

With the Kaskada feature studio, data scientists can clean data, design features, and share and inspect their work — all from an intuitive, web-based interface. Rich data visualizations and data drill-down help them create more impactful features, faster.Learn More

Real-time Feature Serving

Increase the impact of machine learning in your organization with real-time data.

Connect to streaming data sources and and let Kaskada's data infrastructure run all the computations for you, reliably and in real-time. Once in production, Kaskada keeps all your feature vectors up to date as new data flows into the system.Learn More

Production-ready Feature Store

Unify feature engineering and feature serving — no coding or rewrite required.

With the Kaskada feature store, all machine learning features are documented, versioned and stored in a central location. Data scientists select and export features from the feature store to train their models. Then use the same features directly in your production environment. Learn More

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