Blog | 10 months ago | 2 — 4 mins

I never met you, but I know I love you.

A year ago, I barely knew you existed. There were the occasional whispers overheard in the halls of the office. Your name or title was thrown around, but I didn’t actually know you.

I have spent the last year observing and watching you work. In any other scenario, this would be super creepy, but trust me, observing peoples’ behaviors is my job.

I have observed your daily struggles and balancing act between your internal drive for truth and the limitations of your current software and workflows. You are stewards of data and are asked to do so much with so little. You come from a hugely diverse background of education and cultural standings but you are all treated the same. You have been forced to solve Machine Learning problems with tools that are built for engineers. But even with this mismatch of tools, you have persevered, and not only is the tech world taking notice, but businesses and even governments around the world know your value.

You and I are so similar. I too, want and need to solve complex problems using data, visualizations, and above all, empathy. I see you. I see your daily struggles and balancing act of doing more with less. I see you wasting your time trying to get access to basic information and data just to do your job more effectively. I see the pain points and roadblocks that the current “data science” software creates. You are asked to fit your workflow within the boundaries of disciplines and software that don’t truly understand you.

It is my mission to create a product that is designed just for you. I appreciate your skepticism and your endless quest for fair and truthful data that represents real people and real scenarios. I want you to feel empowered from the moment you touch the raw data to the moment you are ready to release your model into production. I want to remove obstacles, like accessibility to powerful intuitive tools and easy access to data sources that plague your current workflow. I want it to be easier and cheaper for people to learn and adopt the discipline of Data Science, especially for people in underserved communities. I believe that can happen if there is accessibility to user-friendly software designed specifically for data scientists as well as an easy way to network and build community.

I can’t promise that I’ll be perfect or that I will get everything right. What I can promise you is that I will listen to your needs with empathy and compassion and I will relentlessly be your advocate.

I want to work with you on creating your software. I want a partner that thrives on collaboration and understands that there is no perfect software, but that there is beauty in the process. Help me design your software. Let me help you solve complex problems through data, design, and empathy.

I may not know you now, but I know we can build beautiful software together.

Corinne DiGiovanni is the Lead Product Designer at Kaskada. Her mission is to elevate the discipline of Design Thinking along with the discipline of Data Science to a level in which the technology world can’t help but take notice. Corinne hopes that by sharing her passion for Design Thinking and how it overlaps with the Data Science workflow, there will be a more fair and balanced representation of people from all walks of life represented in the world’s software.

If you are interested in becoming a design partner with Corinne and Kaskada, email us here.